Al-Houthi: Saudi-led aggression countries have no vision for peace


Al-THawra Net

Leading figure in the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has said the Saudi-led coalition and the UAE “have no vision for  peace or a  solution in Yemen, and are seeking to prolong the war in order to liquidate their allied factions.”

“There is no vision provided by any of the countries of aggression for a solution as promoted, and the proposals that the UN envoy has made to the aggression have not been answered for two months or more,” Mohammed al-Houthi said in a tweet.

“They asked the UN envoy to wait for a response two weeks after he met with them. “While our response to the envoy was a comprehensive solution document that emphasized the legitimate and undiminished solutions of the Republic of Yemen,” he added

In another tweet, Mohammed al-Houthi revealed the aims of the coalition and its international allies in the continuation of the war and the blockade, and the prolongation of the war in Yemen.

He explained that the coalition does not care about the lives of Yemenis, saying: “The aggression countries do not care about the continued spilling of Yemeni blood.”

Saudi Arabia, which is leading the war coalition, recently joined its ally the United Arab Emirates in speaking out against the Islah Party (Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) by accusing it of terrorism and targeting its militants in southern Yemen.