Al-Shami: The US is the head and sponsor of international terrorism


Yemen’s spokesman for the Salvation Government, Dhaifullah Al-Shami said on Monday that the US is the head and sponsor of international terrorism, noting that Hillary Clinton’s statement about the establishment and arming of ISIS is known to the world.

Dhaifullah Al-Shami confirmed to Almasirah that the American decision resulted from an internal conflict with the end of the current administration and the departure of Trump.

Trump sought to ease the burden on Washington’s Saudi and Emirati allies, pointing out that the American decision to classify a group of the Yemeni People as terrorists is the culmination of its crimes against the Yemeni People over the years of aggression and siege.

He added, “The American classification will not affect our military or social path, but rather we will increase in strength and determination to confront the US.”

He continued, “The American decision has no meaning on the ground, and with this decision, it blocks the road to stopping the Saudi-led aggression and siege, and seeks to prolong the war, and we are ready for the confrontation.”

Al-Shami stated that talking about the effects of the US decision on international aid is not to the extent that they depict, and we depend on Allah, our people and what our land produces.

The spokesman pointed out that the United States practiced military terrorism through destruction, starvation and siege against Yemenis.

He concluded that the US did not leave a chance to eliminate the Yemeni People, it has adopted all options in the past 6 years of Saudi-led aggression and blockade.