Supreme Political Council Strongly Voice Its Refusal to US’s Designation of Ansarullah as ‘Terrorist Group

المجلس السياسي الأعلى يقر تشكيل حكومة الإنقاذ الوطني

The Supreme Political Council expressed Yemen’s rejection, disapproval, and mockery of the Trump administration’s efforts to classify the genuine Yemeni component Ansarullah as a “terrorist group.”

The Political Council affirmed in a statement today, Wednesday, that Ansarullah is a major Yemeni national component around which all free people of Yemen are rallying in the battle for sovereignty and independence against the US-Saudi aggression and blockade announced from Washington.

The Political Council added that this bankrupt step of the US administration, which is living its last moments, expresses the confusion and failure of the American policy in the region in general. It warned of the danger of proceeding with this trend, whose repercussions will not only affect the humanitarian side in Yemen, but will also affect the political process.

“This reckless American approach confirms that it is a translation of an under-price deal with the countries of aggression to satisfy their desires and their mercenaries to prolong the aggression,” the Council explained.

The Council praised the local and foreign positions, especially those issued by the United Nations and the European Union, which condemned the American move.