Abdulsalam comments on “Saudi ceasefire initiative”


Yemeni National Delegation spokesman, Mohammad Abdulsalam, has stressed that the Saudi ceasefire initiative did not include a new notion, calling on the kingdom to immediately halt its aggression and blockade on Yemen.

In a call with Al-Masirah channel, Abdulsalam said that “Saudi Arabia must declare an end to the aggression and lift the blockade completely, instead of putting forward ideas that have been discussed for over a year and are nothing new.”

He explained that releasing the detained fuel tankers, which have been detained for more than a year, does not require any initiative or preconditions, asking: “Why does Saudi Arabia not allow 14 fuel ships to enter Hodeidah port, and why does it want to exchange humanitarian help for military gain?”

Abdulsalam affirmed that bartering the humanitarian issue in favor of a military or political deal is a moral crime.

He added: “If the aggression and siege had stopped, this moment, we would have stopped as well. But bartering the humanitarian situation for military and political gains is unacceptable.”

“The war on Yemen was imposed on it, and we are not a party in the siege against Yemenis.”

“It is deplorable for America to chant the slogan of human rights and express concern over the worsening humanitarian conditions in Yemen as a result of the Saudi-led aggression and siege, and then make [humanitarian issues] subject to military and political bargaining,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Abdulsalam said that the world realises that Saudi Arabia is at war with Yemen, and that any Saudi attempt to escape responsibility is naive.