Pro-aggression party rejects initiative to swap dozens of captives in Marib: Al-Mortadha


The head of the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtadha, revealed that the representative of the Islah Party in Marib has refused to conduct a prisoner exchange of wounded and sick prisoners from both sides.

“We have dozens of prisoners who are wounded and sick, and their health is deteriorating. There are also dozens of our people held prisoner in Marib that are wounded and sick, and their health is in no good condition,” Al-Murtadha said on a tweet last Monday.

“We suggested to the other party in Marib, through a number of mediators, to conduct a prisoner swap in these cases from both sides as an urgent humanitarian necessity, but unfortunately the offer was rejected,” he explained.

Al-Murtadha assured that this offer still stands and that they are ready to implement an agreement which includes all humanitarian cases from both sides, calling on the representative Islah in Ma’rib to reconsider.