Security forces in Hodeidah seize UNICEF 786 school bags bearing name of “Israel” instead of Palestine


Yemen has rejected a proposed UNICEF assistance of 786 school bags containing m maps bearing the name of the Zionist entity of “Israel” instead of Palestine.

The security services in Hodeidah port seized these bags yesterday, which the organisation was seeking to distribute them to students in Hodeidah governorate.

During the inspection of the products in the presence of the director of security of the province, Colonel Hadi al-Kahlani, and the director of the branch of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs, Jaber al-Razhi, these bags were rejected, and the organisation was informed of the need to get these shipment back.

Al-Razhi explained that it is not the first time that such bags have been seized, as many quantities have already been taken during past periods.

He pointed out that these actions and activities carried out by these organisations in the name of providing assistance to the Yemeni people, are counted as a provocative activity.

“It comes in a plan that serves the agendas of the forces of evil and global arrogance, America and Israel, in an attempt to pass the culture of recognition of the occupier among our children,” he added