Al-Mushki Urges UNMHA to Seriously Work to Implement Terms of Stockholm Agreement


 The head of the National Team in the Redeployment Coordination Committee Major General Ali Al-Mushki met on Wednesday the Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA) Daniela Kroslak at the headquarters of the United Nations Mission.

During the meeting, Major General Al-Mushki urged the mission to play its role by focusing on the humanitarian aspects to alleviate the suffering of the people of Hodeidah governorate.

He also urged the deputy head of the mission to coordinate seriously with the United Nations leadership to pressure the coalition of the US-Saudi aggression to stop its piracy on fuel ships and the speedy entry of the diesel ship for Hodeidah electricity. Hodeidah electricity has been suspended due to the unavailability of operational materials for this service station, especially in light of the high heat wave in the city of Hodeidah and all districts of the governorate.

Major General Al-Mushki indicated that the Stockholm Agreement had been concluded for nearly 30 months without making any significant progress. Moreover, the aggression side disavows and evades the work of the committee.

He explained that the long period of non-implementation of the Stockholm Agreement made the western coast a place for the gathering of extremists from different parts of the world and their integration into the mercenary militia units located on the western coast, which would affect the security and safety of international shipping lanes.

He called on the United Nations mission to seriously think about implementing the terms of the Stockholm Agreement on the ground, working on rehabilitating the ports in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement, transferring the team of the Monitoring and Inspection Mechanism (UNFIM) to start its work from the ports of Hodeidah and coordinate with the United Nations Development Program to provide the necessary support to the Executive Center to deal with mine.

The head of the National Team also demanded to allow the entry of equipment and detectors for the center to save civilians from the dangers of the widespread remnants of war and cluster bombs dropped by the aggression planes on farms and areas populated by citizens in various governorates.

He stressed the need to work seriously in accordance with the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement without resorting to side actions that have nothing to do with the agreement.