les Crises : Biden will Continue the support of the US Gov. of the War on Yemen


 A French website talked about America’s support for the war on Yemen through continued cooperation with Saudi Arabia, which has been waging war on Yemen since 2015, along with UAE and number of countries.

les Crises website published a report under the title “Biden is involved in the war on Yemen,” by Benjamin and Ariel Gold

“It appears that US President Joe Biden has agreed to keep a large supply of American-made weapons in Middle East. This view is one of the many criticisms leveled during a contract with the United Arab Emirates, which is worth 23 billion dollars. Biden administration’s recent announcement of the conclusion of huge arms sale, highlights how cynical it is about its commitment to place human rights at the forefront of its foreign policy.”

The French website indicated that Emirati-“Israeli” normalization was nothing but a step to open up prospects for strengthening hostilities in region against the parties opposing American policy. It noted that the disastrous role played by UAE in both Yemen and Libya, as well as its unfortunate human rights record in the country, should deprive it of its eligibility to acquire advanced and sophisticated weapons.

“Human rights groups have seen that Biden’s parade could lead to deal cancellations, but it appears that geopolitical pressures, administrative hawks and pressure from American lobbies have prevailed. This indicates that Biden is firmly determined to continue what Obama and Trump started in supporting the coalition of aggression.”

The site noted that Lockheed Martin, Rathyon, General Automics and Northrop Gromorgan are achieve large profits from such sales, where Lockheed Martin will receive $10.4 billion by selling 50 F-35 fighters.

The French website believes that what the UAE has committed in Yemen is enough to cancel all deals with Washington and Tel Aviv. “For six years, a coalition backed by US-Saudi aggression and the UAE has waged a brutal war in Yemen.”