Abdulsalam Welcomes Maribs’ Tribes and their National Role


The head of National Delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, welcomed Marib’s honorable tribes, stressing that Yemen accommodates its people under the its national sovereignty.

He explained that the country’s problem is with the US-Saudi aggression forces and its criminal siege, which must be confronted until the liberation of every occupied area.

Yemeni Armed Forces have liberated most district in the strategic west-central province of Marib, the latest is the liberation of Al-Juba and Jabal Murad districts on Tuesday.

The Armed forces assured all citizens in the city of Marib that it will work to secure them and their property as part of its duties and responsibilities during the next phase.

The Armed forces called upon all Yemenis to liberate remaining land,  achieving of freedom and independence.

Local authorities and security forces, in cooperation with  local tribes, have taken measures to maintain security and stability across the liberated districts.

A source in the local authority in Marib confirmed on Tuesday that the situation in Al-Juba and Jabal Murad districts has stabilized after securing them.

The source called on the citizens to live their normal lives and not to believe the rumors spread by the mercenaries of the aggression to intimidate them. It also called on those who were displaced to return to their areas and villages.

The source saluted the honorable national stances of the Murad tribes, their bias towards the homeland, its security and stability, their rejection of agents and mercenaries, and their active participation in liberating the two districts from the impurity of the occupation.

The local authority also called on the residents of the governorate who remain deceived in the ranks of the US-Saudi aggression to seize the general amnesty decision, and return to the national row as good citizens with full rights.