Al-Bukhaiti: Saudi-led invaders won’t allow independent South Yemen


The Governor of Dhamar province and Ansarullah leading member, Muhammad al-Bukhaiti has on Sunday said that the Saudi-led coalition countries “woll not allow the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to build an independent state.”

Al-Bukhaiti wrote a tweet, saying: “As long as the ambitions of the aggression countries are concentrated in the south, they will not allow the STC to build an independent state.”

“Saudi Arabia’s deprivation of the areas under its control reveals its expansionist ambitions,” al-Bukhaiti added.

He pointed that the generous Emirati support for mercenary warlord Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, known as Tariq Afash, “confirms that he knows future option, the lowest cost alternative, and the most acceptable option to Saudi Arabia and Israel.”