Five Citizens Killed and Injured By Saudi Aggression in the last 24 Hours

ضحايا الغارات السعودية على اليمن

Three citizens were killed and three others and two African migrants were injured in the raids and bombing of the American-Saudi aggression in the Capital Secretariat and Sa’ada governorates, and violations continued in Al-Hodeidah governorate during the past 24 hours.

A military source told the Yemeni News Agency (SABA) that the forces of aggression committed 188 breaches, including an encroachment in Hays, an attempt to infiltrate into the Jabaliya, and a raid by spy planes on Hays, 53 breaches with artillery shelling, and 77 breaches with various bullets.

The source confirmed the death of two citizens and the injury of two others as a result of an air raid of the aggression that targeted a building under construction belonging to the Orphan Hospital in the Ma’in district in the capital’s secretariat.

The aggression launched another raid on Al-Anab residential neighborhood, and a raid near a plastic factory in Amran Roundabout in Al-Thawra District.

The source pointed out that the aggression launched three raids on the Al-Nahdin area in the Al-Sabeen district, south of the capital, Sanaa.

The source pointed out that a citizen was killed and another and two African migrants were wounded by Saudi fire in the areas of Al-Raqq and Al-Mufattah in the Munabbih border district, Saada governorate.

In Ma’rib Governorate, the aggression launched three raids on the Al-Juba district, and two raids on the Serwah district.

The source stated that the aggression warplanes targeted the customs house in the Haradh district, Hajjah governorate.