Safer agreement committee reveals details of UN violations of maintenance agreement


The head of the supervisory committee for the implementation of the maintenance agreement for the “Safer” floating tanker, Ibrahim Al-Siraji, confirmed on Thursday, that the United Nations is politicizing the file of the Safer ship, and not abiding by the agreement.

During a press conference at the Foreign Ministry building in the capital, Sana’a, Al-Siraji revealed several violations of the United Nations team on the agreement.

Al-Siraji indicated that the agreement with the United Nations consists of 16 main points that clarify the maintenance and examination work that was supposed to be carried out by United Nations experts.

“We were surprised that the implementation plan presented by the United Nations went on canceling 10 points out of the total 16 points agreed upon, which represent 90% of the volume and importance of maintenance work,” Al-Siraji said.

He pointed out that the implementation plan presented by the United Nations was limited to examinations only, without carrying out any of the agreed-upon fixes.

“The agreement was emptied of its content by the United Nations and it politicized the file, which was aimed at reducing risks and not ending them,” he pointed out.

“Through the clear and repeated procrastination of the United Nations and its misleading media, it became clear to us that they wanted something “else” other than maintenance,” Al-Siraji added.