Supreme Political Council blesses Operation “Yemen Hurricane 2′

قرار للمجلس السياسي الأعلى باليمن بتشكيل لجنة عسكرية وأمنية

The Supreme Political Council  (SPC) on Tuesday congratulated the Yemeni people and all the free people of the nation for the success of Operation Yemen Hurricane 2 , which accurately targeted the Saudi and Emirati depths as a response to their crimes, massacres, and targeting of the Yemeni people.

In the statement, the STC also congratulated the  Yemeni Army, the Popular Committees, the Rocketry Force and the Air Force for this achievement, which is victorious for the Yemeni people.

The council called on the Army to redouble efforts towards focused and qualitative operations as a deterrent to the aggressors against Yemen, whoever they are.

“These messages are only the tip of the iceberg from the Yemeni strategic hurricane that is destroying all the American and Zionist plots that are messing with Yemen,” the statement read.