US Senator Bernie Sanders demands end to American support to Saudi Arabia following OPEC reduction in oil production


A Democratic American senator has expressed his anger at the decision of “OPEC +” to reduce oil production, calling on Saudi Arabia, its most prominent member, to make President Vladimir Putin protect its monarchy instead of the United States.

Bernie Sanders demanded that the US administration withdraw all its forces from Saudi Arabia, and that the latter request Russian protection, as long as it cooperates with Moscow by raising US gas prices.

Sanders described Saudi Arabia as “one of the worst human rights violators in the world.”

The US senator appealed to the Biden administration to abandon Saudi Arabia, stop selling arms to it, and seek to end the “OPEC +” oil alliance that controls the amount of oil production.

Sanders is one of the fiercest critics of Saudi Arabia in the US Senate, and he has previously addressed Biden repeatedly by treating the kingdom as a “dictatorship.”

US lawmakers had previously called for punitive steps against Saudi Arabia, following the decision in which it participated in the OPEC + alliance to reduce oil production, a move that angered America, and President Joe Biden considered it “hostile” and “aligning with Russia.”

Some lawmakers suggested that the United States restore the Patriot missile defense systems deployed in Saudi Arabia.