Al-Qaeda withdrawal from withdrawal


Saudi Arabia began new arrangements to include the rest of the extremist factions in southern Yemen to the new forces it is arranging for a military escalation in the north.

Sources affiliated with the Islah party, reported that the organization’s elements stationed in its former strongholds in withdrawal left  towards the border areas of Al-Bayda and Shabwa.

The withdrawal of Al-Qaeda elements from their strongholds in Abyan came on the eve of the spokesman for the so-called “al-Bayda Resistance,” Amer Al-Hamiqani, revealing that the coalition had begun to form a new force in the name of Al-Bayda.

In the context, tribal sources in Abyan revealed that Saudi Arabia had summoned al-Qaeda members who were not absorbed into the “Dir’ al-Watan” forces to al-Bayda to redistribute them as leaders and religious supervisors of the new forces.

Al-Qaeda in Al-Baydais has lost the most prominent stronghold  since the Sana’a forces’ decision to clear its areas of the organization.