One person killed and three wounded in clash between police force and bandits in Jawf


One citizen has been killed and three policemen were injured on Friday during a security campaign carried out by police of Jawf province to chase a reported gang of thieves and looters on the public road in the Mua’imara area of Al-Moton district.

The Interior Ministry explained in a statement that the security campaign aimed to track down the gang members, who cut off the way of a number of passengers, killed some of them, and looted their cars and belongings.

The gang members responded to the chase by shooting at the security forces, injuring three of the security men and killing a citizen, who was near the scene of the shooting, the ministry added.

The statement stated that a member of the gang was arrested during the campaign, while efforts are continuing to arrest the rest.

Jawf’s police denied claims circulated by the Saudi-led coalition media and its mercenaries’ mouthpieces, which said that the security campaign was sent to remove a popular market, and resulted in clashes between the security men and some of the tribesmen of the area.

The police vowed to not allow the return of the banditry acts or any manifestation of a breach of security in the region.