Yemeni Parliament warns of its impersonators in international forums


The Presidium of the Parliament in the Republic of Yemen on Monday condemned, from its legal and constitutional headquarters, the capital, Sana’a, the suspicious moves of the impersonators of the Yemeni parliament in international parliamentary forums.

The Parliament’s Presidium denounced those moves, the latest of which was the participation of Sultan Al-Barakani and a number of those who had previously been revoked by the Parliament for proving high treason as a result of abandoning the sovereignty of Yemen and bringing war on it, in the meetings of the 13th plenary session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, during the period from 8 to 10 January in Antalya in the Turkish Republic. It considered that a blatant exploitation of the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the blockade imposed for eight years, and the inability of members of the Yemeni Parliament to attend.

The Parliament’s Presidium called on the Secretary-General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly not to deal with impersonators of the Yemeni parliament, and warned against dealing with those suspicious movements of those it referred to as they no longer have any parliamentary, legal or legitimate status in the name of the Republic of Yemen.

The Parliament’s Presidium strongly condemned the justifications of Al-Barkani and his fallacies, which he mentioned in his statements regarding the aggression against Yemen and the provision of false and misleading information.