Symposium on ‘Departure of American Marines’ from Sana’a


The Yemeni Media Union organized on Saturday in the capital, Sana’a, a symposium on ” the departure of US Marines and the CIA on February 11, 2015.”

The symposium presented three documents.

The first one, presented by the researcher Anas Al-Qadhi in which he discussed the American interventions in the Arab world and Yemen” on three axes.

The first axis “The United States in the era of imperialism” through American economic penetration in Asia, while the second axis “American interventions in the Arab world”, which included a number of titles, most notably “Oil and the American aggressive policy, the Eisenhower Doctrine and military alliances, the old Arab NATO project, and direct military aggression”.

The third axis, “American interventions in Yemen”, which included a number of titles: “American interventions before unification of Yemen, American interventions after unification, interventions under the banner of combating terrorism and the United States against the February 11 revolution and the national dialogue.”

The second document was presented by the writer Zakaria Al-Sharabi, entitled “Drones in Yemen”, which included a number of axes, the first axis “a historical overview of the American interventions in Yemen” and the second axis “Drones invade Yemeni airspace and claim the lives of Yemenis”, which included examples of American drones targeting Yemeni citizens under the pretext of combating “terrorism”.

The third axis was “the relationship between America and al-Qaeda.” Events in Yemen have revealed that al-Qaeda was only one of Washington’s intelligence tools.

The third document was presented by the Head of  Yemeni Media Union, Abdulrahman Al-Ahnoumi, entitled “The humiliating American escape from the capital Sana’a on February 11, 2015”, which included three axes.

The first axis discussed  “the escape of the Marines and the CIA from the capital Sana’A on February 11, 2015” and the second axis highlighted “The nature of the presence and activity of the American embassy and the role of ambassadors.

The third axis focused on “introductions, harbingers and reasons that prompted Americans to flee.”

Al-Ahnoumi explained that on February 11, 2015, Yemen closed a black page of American tutelage that lasted for decades, which makes us call this day the day of getting rid of American hegemony as an achievement of the September 21 revolution.