Flow of Weapons to US-Saudi Mercenaries in Mocha Make Them Legitimate Target


Head of the National Team for Redeployment in Hodeidah province, Major General Ali Hamoud Al-Mushki, warned on Monday of the flow of weapons and drugs to the Saudi-led coalition’s tools in Mocha city.

Major General Al-Mushki confirmed, during his meeting today with the head of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA), General Michael Berry, and his team, that the flow of weapons and drugs to Mocha continues, and clearly, in addition to the continued coalition forces there will affect the maritime navigation.

“The movement of the coalition forces and the flow of weapons to them, as well as their undermining of maritime traffic, will make them a legitimate target in case of necessity,” Al-Mushki said. “We are trying to build confidence with the UN team, but we are surprised that it has rushed more than once to the other party that rejects peace.”

Major General Al-Mushki indicated that the United Nations did not provide anything to the Mine Action Center and did not provide any service for the citizens on the ground.

For his part, General Berry expressed his hope for assistance in order for security and stability to prevail and to address the mine problem.

It is noteworthy that many media reports have confirmed the coalition’s bringing in takfiri elements through the port of Mocha and spreading them along most of the Yemeni coasts, which have become booby-trapped with terrorist groups.