Thirty Yemenis found guilty of treason sentenced to death by Sana’a court


The Central Military Region Court in Sanaa, sentenced on Sunday thirty convicted of traitors for committing the crime of treason, aiding the enemy, facilitating his entry into the territory of the Republic of Yemen and other charges included in the accusation sheet.

The operative part of the judgment convicted the thirty defendants guilty of the facts attributed to them in the indictment and punished all of them with executions, and the complementary punishments, represented in the expulsion from the armed forces and confiscation of all their movable and immovable property in any hands within or outside the country and under any name for the favor of the armed forces.

The website “26 September” affiliated with the Ministry of Defense in Sanaa published the names of the convicts:

Ahmed Saleh Yahya Abu Hatem
Haider Ahmed Hassan Mahfal
Khalid Hussein Ali Al-Sumaini
Mohammed Ali Ahmed Al-Omari
Mohsen Mohammed Mubarak Al-Harmali
Mohammed Ahmed Saleh Al-Hadhri
Muwaffaq Mohammed Abdullah Manser
Ahmed Hamid Mohsen Marah
Jamal Ghaleb Ahmed Al-Shamiri
Khalid Abdullah Ali Al-Nasi
Sadeq Abdullah Almekhlafi
Saleh Ahmed Laksam Al-Harthy
Mohammed Hadi Dabaa Al-Amalsi
Yasser Hassan Ali Al-Abed
Yahya Ali Saeed Hanshal
Taha Shamsan Ahmed Al-Maamari
Mohsen Mohammed Hussein Al-Daari
Mohammed Salem Abdullah Al-Khawlani
Mohammed Saleh Abdulrab Al-Ghunaimi
Saleh Yahya Nasser Alqutaibi
Abdullah Abdul Rahim Ghailan
Ali Salem bin Awad Al-Harthy
Mohammed Harban Manea Alwadaei
Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Wahan
Mohammed Azi Al-Droubi
Nabil Mahmoud Muftah Iskandar
Hassan Fatini Fadl
Mohammed Salman Mujahid
Mujahid Commander of the belt of Al-Ghalisi
Mussaed Azzam Al-Harthy