Al-Ezzi demands UN releases container ship or face eviction from the country


The National Salavtion government in Sana’a, on Thursday, gave the United Nations Special Envoy’s office 72 hours to release the container ship “Lamar”.

“We gave the Office of the Special Envoy 72 hours to stop the farce of UNVIM, release the container ship (Lamar), and not repeat any obstruction, or we will have to notify him to leave the country and suspend all his activities until further notice,” deputy foreign minister Hussein Al-Ezzi said in a tweet.

He noted that UNVIM had been preventing the container ship “Lamar” from reaching the Hodeidah port for nearly three weeks. “We do not want the UN to besiege our people and always justify to us that it is awaiting Riyadh’s instructions.”

Al-Ezzi noted that the UNVIM was established to facilitate the entry of ships, not hinder them, and that its mission is limited only to verifying that there are no weapons; otherwise, it has no right to obstruct the ships. “Because by doing so, Yemeni merchants incur fines for ship owners of $50,000 for each day of delay, and this is reflected in prices and directly affects the life of the simple citizen,” he said