Saudi Withdraws its factions’ Fighters from Marib


Saudi Arabia began withdrawing the fighters of its factions deployed on the Yemeni border from the city of Marib, the last stronghold of reform in northern Yemen.

Mujahid al-Lum al-Wadi’i, brother of the commander of the so-called “Axis of Al-Baqaa” affiliated with Saudi Arabia, revealed the start of coordination with the security points in Marib and the borders to facilitate the return of the members of these forces.

Al-Wadi’i justified this step by disbursing salaries and Saudi Arabia had already started disbursing salaries for 6 months of the years 2020-2021, with a discount of 60 according to what was shown by bonds for fighters, in which what was received did not exceed 170,000 riyals for six months.

Saudi Arabia had evacuated the factions stationed on the border to Marib, as fighting raged on the outskirts of the city, before declaring the truce.

It is not yet clear whether the withdrawal of the fighters of the factions stationed on the border from Ma’rib is part of arrangements to merge it, or it suggests handing over the city as part of the Riyadh agreement with Sana’a.