Civil disobedience against Tariq Saleh’s forces


Shops in the coastal city of Mokha, west of Taiz governorate, went on strike and closed their doors in protest against the violations of Tariq Saleh’s forces.

The coastal city , which is under the control of Tariq Saleh ‘s forces , witnessed civil disobedience , protesting the arrest of the owner of Al – Rasni Restaurant , ” Muhammad Saif Al – Rasni ” because of his demand for debts from one of Tariq ‘s leaders .

Yesterday, the leader of Tariq’s forces, “Abu Dhiab,” stormed with his forces the Al-Rasini restaurant, against the backdrop of the restaurant’s demand for the leader to pay about 12 million riyals.

The merchants in the city of Al-Mokha demanded the immediate release of Al-Rasani and the cessation of violations against them by Saleh’s forces.