Parliament directs several recommendations to government


The Parliament approved on Sunday a brief report of the Water and Environment Committee regarding the results of the meeting with the Minister of Water and Environment to address imbalances related to the Ministry and its affiliated bodies.

This came after the commitment of the government side, represented by the Minister of Water and Environment, Abdulraqeeb Al Shurmani, and in the presence of the Minister of State for Parliamentary and Shura Council Affairs, Dr. Ali Abdullah Abu Haliqa, to implement a number of the recommendations.

The parliament obliged the Ministry of Water and Environment to implement the following recommendations:
1- To issue the decision regarding pricing and tariffs for drinking water trucks.
2- To monitor the prices and rates of drinking water trucks in coordination with the Ministries of Industry and Trade, Transport, Interior, and Local Administration.
3- To cancel the 10 riyals that were added under the name of rural water development, as there is no legal justification for it.

The parliament also obliged the Ministry of Finance to make the following recommendations:
4- To schedule the indebtedness owed by government agencies to the Water and Sanitation Corporation from the approved budgets of those agencies, or temporarily freeze the collection of previous amounts, with each party paying its own monthly payments from now on.
5- To give the powers to the local water and sanitation institutions to control their budgets according to the laws of their establishment.
6- To search for funding to cover the water and sanitation networks for the various neighborhoods of the capital’s secretariat and the capitals of the provinces.