Saudi Arabia executes three new prisoners of conscience from Qatif


Saudi Arabia continues to carry out executions against prisoners of conscience and cultural and political figures of the Shiite sect on false charges, according to observers’ statements.

The Saudi Ministry of the Interior announced on Sunday the execution of three new prisoners of conscience belonging to the region of Qatif, namely: “Hussein Ali Al-Muhaishi,” “Fadel Zaki Al Nassif,” and “Zakaria Hassan Al-Muhaishi,” on the background of political charges.

This comes less than five days after the execution of two young men from Bahrain, namely, Jaafar Muhammad Sultan and Sadiq Majeed Thamer, in addition to the execution of three young men from Qatif in the eastern region on May 22, and they are “Hassan Al Muhanna, Haidar Moise, and Muhammad Moise” on the background of political concerns too.

Observers emphasized that the execution crimes carried out by the Saudi authorities raise terror among the human rights community, pointing out that the Saudi regime ignored the international condemnation and human rights warnings of the human consequences of the death penalty in light of the absence of transparency and justice that the Saudi judiciary suffers from.