Saudi crown prince reportedly holding secret meetings with Zionist officials


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman(MBS) had held regular secret meetings with Israeli officials, in light of US mediation of public normalization between the Kingdom and “Israel”, The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the Street Journal, Political normalization between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli occupation is an idea whose time has come. At least that’s the increasingly optimistic view of Saudi and Israeli officials working to make it happen with the Biden administration’s support.

There’s little doubt Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 38, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 73, want to reach a deal. They’ve met at least twice in secret since November 2020, and both have serious reasons for doing so.

Crown Prince Mohammed knows he can’t create a modern high-tech economy without close links to Israeli technology and business. MBS envisions himself as the leader of a strong, economically integrated Mideast that serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe.

Diplomatic relations with the Israeli occupation would help achieve these goals, allowing the kingdom to attract much-needed Western investment and expertise, and establishing Mohammed bin Salman as the head of the second class of world leaders.

Joe Biden wants to hold a joyful signing ceremony at the White House that gives him the ability to boast of historic success in the region.