An official Saudi announcement of the use of internationally banned weapons in Yemen


Saudi Arabia officially admitted, for the first time,  of using internationally banned weapons in the war it has been waging against Yemen for 9 years.

Director of the Saudi Mine Clearance Program (MASAM), Osama Al-Gosaibi, said that reports indicate that the number of cluster bombs used by the coalition in Yemen did not exceed 5,000 bombs.

This is the first time that a Saudi official has officially announced that his country is using cluster bombs in Yemen, after years of denial of launching raids with these dangerous bombs, which are still contaminating large areas in its governorates.

The Executive Director of Mine Action in Sana’a, Ali Safra, revealed that 9,000 victims, most of them women and children, had fallen in Yemen, as a result of coalition aircraft using more than (3,187,630) American, British, Pakistani and Brazilian cluster munitions, in 2,932 raids on 119 districts in 19 governorates.