UNFPA :About 160,000 people have been affected by weather conditions since the beginning of this year


A recent UN report stated that nearly 160,000 people in Yemen, most of them displaced people, have been affected by harsh climate conditions since the beginning of this year 2023.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said in a report issued on Wednesday: “Severe weather conditions, including heavy rains and floods, affected a total of 22,695 families consisting of 158,865 people across Yemen, during the period between January and October 2023.”

The report added that the vast majority of those affected are located in areas that are difficult to reach and host displaced people due to harsh climatic conditions.

It pointed out that the Rapid Response Mechanism Group, which consists of United Nations agencies and humanitarian organizations, and is led by the Population Fund, has strengthened its response and expanded its operational presence in 19 governorates severely affected by extreme climate conditions, to ensure the provision of life-saving assistance to affected communities.

The Population Fund explained that the rapid response mechanism provided assistance to 32,415 families (226,905 people), who were either displaced due to harsh weather conditions resulting from climate change or the ongoing armed conflict, from the beginning of this year until the end of October.

The report stated that 65% of those who received assistance were directly affected by rain, floods, and severe weather conditions. “The response mechanism provided life-saving supplies to 22,653 families consisting of 158,571 people suffering from severe weather conditions.”