21 citizens killed, injured by explosive remnants left by US-Saudi aggression during November


At least 21 citizens were killed and injured as a result of the explosion of bombs left by the US-Saudi aggression coalition in November.

The National Committee for Mine Action and War Remnants confirmed the martyrdom of 5 citizens and the injury of 16 others, adding that the majority of the injured are children.

The National Committee for Mine Action further stated that during the suspension period of the National Mine Center (from July to November) due to the cessation of UN support, 33 were killed and 78 others were wounded. Among the martyrs, 17 were children, in addition to 30 children being injured during the same period.

The National Committee for Mine Action condemned the continued suspension of funding for the activities of the Executive Mine Action Center for the fifth consecutive month by the United Nations, despite the availability of funding in the Yemen Humanitarian Fund.

It emphasized that the continued suspension of mine-related operations in Yemen cannot be delayed, as it contributes to increasing the number of victims due to pollution and the spread of contamination in Yemen.

It clarified that it is working on effective and practical solutions by the United Nations, especially in terms of reducing casualties due to war remnants, which affect large segments of the Yemeni people and hinder the return of displaced persons under difficult living conditions, especially with the reduction of humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable individuals in Yemen.

Cluster bombs, mines, explosive objects and shells dropped by the US-Saudi aggression coalition are widespread in various governorates, and their victims are dozens, most of them children.