Yemeni Navy to Prevent All Ships from Crossing into Israeli Ports Unless Gaza Needs Are Provided


Yemeni Armed Forces issued on Saturday a statement which affirms that the Yemeni navy will prevent all the vessels from crossing into the Israeli-held ports if Gaza food and medicine needs are not provided.

“After the successful efforts of the Yemeni Armed Forces, with the help of Allah the Almighty, in enforcing their decision to prohibit Israeli ships from navigating the Red and Arabian Seas, and due to the continuous Zionist enemy’s perpetration of horrific massacres, a genocidal war, and siege against our brothers in Gaza,” Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, said in a statement this evening.

Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e added, “The Yemeni Armed Forces announce the prohibition of ships headed to the Zionist entity of any nationality from passing unless the needs of the Gaza Strip for food and medicine are met. These ships will become legitimate targets for our armed forces.”

Sare’e continued: “Out of our concern for the safety of maritime navigation, we warn all ships and companies against dealing with “Israeli” ports. The Yemeni Armed Forces affirm their full commitment to ensuring the continuity of global trade movement through the Red and Arabian Seas for all ships and all countries, except for those associated with “Israelis” or those transporting goods to “Israeli” ports.”

The military spokesman concluded his statement by saying: “The Yemeni Armed Forces will implement this decision from the moment this statement is announced.”