Al-Ajri: Getting involved in Red Sea would be bad for EU’s own interests


Member of the Sana’a negotiating delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, said on Monday that it is not in the interest of the European Union (EU) countries to get involved with the United States of America in the Red Sea.

Al-Ajri noted in his account on the X platform that most of the European exports pass through the Red Sea are foodstuffs and agricultural products, and reminded them that they cannot bear sailing through the Cape of Good Hope.

He confirmed that the Sana’a government “does not have any intentions to target them, and the Yemeni army affirmed its concern and commitment to their safety, like for other countries in the world.”

Al-Ajri addressed the EU countries, saying: “America does not care if your interests are harmed, as most of its exports pass through the Atlantic Ocean, and it is your interests that will be harmed if you become involved with America in any aggression against Yemen.”

He added that any additional escalation “will not constitute a solution to the crisis and will not prevent Yemen from supporting Palestine.”

Al-Ajri stressed that it is in everyone’s interest to stop the aggression against Gaza instead of continuing the escalation and military solutions that have failed and will continue to fail in achieving the goals of American and Israeli deception.