A woman was killed in Qataba by a landmine explosion


A female citizen was martyred in the explosion of a landmine left over from the aggression in the isolation of Bilad al-Yobi in the Qataba District, Al-Dhalea Governorate.

The district police reported that a landmine left over from the aggression exploded in the village of Markhaza, leading to the martyrdom of citizen Fahmiyeh Qaed Abdullah Saleh Omairan (30 years old) as a result of being hit by several scattered shrapnel in her head, and her legs and right hand were amputated.

The police indicated that the woman had previously been injured in a landmine explosion at the same site of the incident about three years ago.

The police called on citizens, if they find any remnants of the aggression, or any explosive material, not to touch it and report it.