Bahraini People declare support for Yemeni operations in Red Sea


Hundreds of free Bahraini individuals proclaimed their disapproval of their country’s regime’s involvement in the aggression against Yemen, as part of the American-British coalition that commenced on January 12th.

During the massive demonstration in the town of Diraz, Bahrain, on Friday, participants affirmed their backing for the Yemeni Armed Forces and their operations in the Red and Arabian Seas against the ships of the Zionist-American entity.

They denounced the unjust American and Western aggression against Yemeni regions.

In the Bahrain march, organized in solidarity and support for Palestine and to condemn the aggression against Gaza and Yemen, demonstrators chanted slogans such as “Death to America…Death to Israel,” denouncing the deadly Zionist aggression that the Gaza Strip has endured for 119 days with American approval.

The protesters called for the swift expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Manama and urged Bahraini authorities to retract from the normalization agreement with the enemy entity Israel.