German company shuts down Ansarullah website, YMU condemns as an assault on freedom of expression


The Yemeni Media Union (YMU), condemned the German company “Contabo” for shutting down Ansarullah website, hosted on one of its servers, under the pretext of spreading hate speech against the Zionist entity, which commits the worst crimes against the Palestinian people.

“This action is a blatant assault on freedom of opinion and expression, a clear violation and suppression of the Yemeni message. On the one hand, it is a Media phobia practiced by the company to obscure the facts and indicates double standards and the absence of truth and justice and standing by criminal tyrants,” the YMU said in a statement issued on Sunday.

It affirmed that such hostile policies only strengthen Yemeni media’s resilience and determination to continue defending the Palestinian cause, which is considered our foremost issue.

The YMU stressed the necessity of media solidarity in all its forms and personnel, both domestically and internationally, regarding the actions of this company.

It called on all free and honorable individuals, at the international and Arab levels, to expose this arrogant behavior and support it provides to the Zionist criminal machine.