Haniyeh emphasizes urgency for ceasefire talks amidst Zionist aggression


Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, affirmed that the enemy’s government is delaying in responding to the negotiation process for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that the door will not be open to that.

Haniyeh stated during his meeting on Monday with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, that “Hamas” “responded to the efforts of the mediators and agreed to the path of negotiations for ending the aggression, demonstrating high seriousness and flexibility.”

However, he pointed out that “Hamas” sees that the Zionist enemy is procrastinating, which the movement will not accept under any circumstances, and the time will not be open for that.

A statement issued by the Hamas movement mentioned that Haniyeh emphasized the necessity of stopping the massacres committed by the occupation against children, women, and innocent civilians.

It added that Haniyeh “explained extensively the criminal siege warfare carried out by the Zionist enemy against steadfast Palestinian people, and the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe resulting from it, especially in the city of Gaza and the northern areas of the Strip, within the context of the genocide war it is waging against Gaza people.”

The head of the movement stressed that the enemy is using suffering to deprive the Palestinian people of achieving their aspirations for freedom and liberation from occupation and siege, indicating that “halting the starvation war receives the highest level of attention, and it should not be linked to any other issues, and we will not allow the enemy to use negotiations as a cover for this crime.”