Hezbollah reveals statistics of military operations, Israel’s losses during 120 days of war


The Lebanese Resistance, Hezbollah, announced on Sunday the implementation of 961 military operations against the Zionist enemy sites during 120 days of war.

According to the resistance military media, the average number of resistance operations per day was eight, the most operations per day were 26, and the least number of operations per day was two.

Regarding the border sites targeted by the resistance, there were 22 Zionist settlements 72 times, 45 border sites 670 times, 19 rear sites 61 times, and 53 border points 122 times.

As for the evacuation within the enemy front, the radius of the evacuated area reached five kilometers, while the number of declared evacuated settlements reached 43.

In addition, the announced number of displaced settlers reached 81,000, while the actual number of displaced people was 230,000 settlers.

Israeli occupation losses

Regarding the Zionist enemy’s losses, Hezbollah’s military media revealed the destruction of more than 500 settlement units, 178 barricades and positions, and 26 command centers.

The resistance also targeted 316 individual positions, 237 technical equipment, 25 border walls, and two military factories, in addition to 14 artillery emplacements, five drones and aircraft, and two Iron Dome launchers. 56 Israeli military vehicles were also targeted, including 28 troop carriers, 25 tanks, and four logistical vehicles.

Regarding human losses, the Lebanese resistance left more than 2,000 Israelis dead or wounded.

Weapons used

In the same context, the Lebanese resistance used 323 artillery, 244 surface-to-surface missiles, and 68 machine guns and snipers in its operations. The number of air attacks reached 23, and 40 air defense missiles and 385 guided missiles were used.

As for the direct weapons used, their number reached 85; in addition to nine engineering weapons and various weapons, their number reached 72.