Millions of Yemenis gather in support of Palestine


The capital, Sana’a, and several other governorates in Yemen witnessed massive million-person marches, on Friday, in solidarity with the Palestinian people under the theme “Our Protests are Jihad… Steadfast with Gaza Until Victory.”

The statement of the rallies emphasized the continuation of protests, marches, official and popular activities, in support and solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people in their sacred battle against the criminal Zionist enemy.

It further highlighted the high state of readiness and comprehensive jihad mobilization to confront the American, Israeli, and British escalation at all political and military levels, executing qualitative operations in the promised opening battle and the sacred jihad against the criminal Zionist triad.

The statement praised the qualitative and escalating operations of the Jihad and Resistance heroes in Palestine, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and Iraq, despite the American targeting of them, generating great terror in the Zionist entity and its defeated army.

The rallies’ statement also expressed support for the military operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces against Israeli, American, and British ships.

The statement called on Arab and Islamic nations and all free people worldwide to take a clear and decisive stance against the conspiracy that the Zionist enemy, with American and Western support, is plotting to invade Rafah, which houses most of Gaza’s displaced population.

The statement praised the positions of countries refusing to participate in the aggression against the Yemeni people and supporting the Zionist enemy, especially the countries bordering the Red Sea despite American pressure on them.

Additionally, the statement called on Arab and Islamic nations and all free people worldwide to continue effective and diverse actions in boycotting American and Israeli goods and companies supporting them.