Protesters in Aden denounce economic mismanagement of Saudi-UAE-backed government


The city of Aden, which is under Saudi-Emirati occupation, witnessed a significant women’s demonstration on Saturday, denouncing the deterioration of living, and economic conditions, and the sharp decline of the national currency.

During the protest, the demonstrators attributed the collapse of living and economic conditions in the occupied southern provinces and regions to the Saudi-Emirati occupation and the coalition of aggression.

They specifically pointed to the devaluation of the local currency against foreign currencies, leading to soaring prices and a notable increase in the costs of essential food items.

This has compounded the challenges faced by residents dealing with low wages, delayed salaries, and escalating rates of poverty and unemployment.

Protesters deplored the dire living and service conditions experienced by the residents of occupied Aden, asserting that a majority of them are grappling with hunger and poverty at unprecedented levels, reminiscent of a famine not witnessed since the city’s inception.

Participants raised Palestinian flags and voiced slogans in support and solidarity with the people of Gaza, who are facing heinous crimes and a genocidal war by the savage Zionist entity.

They condemned the crimes committed by the US-Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people, citing violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws.