New report details UAE occupation activities on Yemeni island of Abdul-Kuri


The “Eekad” platform published on Sunday an investigation into the suspicious activities practiced by the UAE on Abdul-Kuri Island, one of the islands of the Yemeni Socotra Archipelago.

The platform said that it monitored the movements of unidentified ships to the UAE military base on Abdul-Kuri Island, adding that those movements serve regional parties in reference to the Israeli occupation entity.

The Eekad investigation quoted a report published by the American magazine “Parking Defense” in 2022, saying that Western countries are interested in developing “Israeli” air defense capabilities, including the Yemeni Socotra Archipelago, under the supervision of the US Central Command.

The investigation revealed that construction work was continuing on Abdul-Kuri Island, noting that a communications tower had been erected, the two sea lanes that had previously been built on the island were cancelled, and a new lane was constructed in the south of the island to avoid what the platform described as “Houthi attacks,” in addition to increasing the length of the runway and the density of supplies arriving to the island in an unprecedented manner.

The Eekad platform indicated that these preparations in Abdul-Kuri may be part of a military-intelligence integration that includes Emirati and Western bases overlooking the Gulf of Aden, such as Al-Rayyan, Mayon, and Mocha bases.

The platform noted these activities came after the events of October 7, according to the analysis of satellite images from the “Sentinel Hub.”