Bloomberg: American-sponsored maritime alliance in Red Sea did not succeed


The American “Bloomberg” website revealed that the US-sponsored naval coalition in Red Sea to stop Yemeni operations supporting Gaza did not succeed.

The website reported last night that, despite the expensive equipment thrown by the United States and its allies, they were unable to stop operations in Yemen… stressing that “Yemen’s success in thwarting the most advanced armies in the world is the latest setback for Washington.”

The website stated that the world’s largest shipping companies still avoid crossing the Red Sea, a route that once carried 15 percent of global trade.

The commander of the Red Sea Fleet, Admiral Marc Miguez, said that although more than three months have passed since the start of a major naval operation, “the United States and its allies still have more work to do.”

One Western official acknowledged that the Yemeni armed forces have the ability to continue launching attacks in the Red Sea at a rate close to the current rate for several months to come.

Miguez admitted that the number of missiles that Yemen had in its arsenals at the beginning of the conflict represented “a kind of black hole for American intelligence.”

In turn, an American military official, who requested anonymity, told Bloomberg: “The United States is on the wrong side in terms of costs in the Red Sea,” stressing that the costs have become too expensive for Washington.