Israeli arms company sells its factory in Britain due to pro-Palestinian protests


Elbit Systems, a weapons manufacturing company, based in Israel, was forced to sell its factory in Tamworth, Britain, due to increased security costs resulting from ongoing protests supporting the Palestinian people.

This was reported by Elbit Systems in its statement issued on Thursday and by the Palestinian Action Group, which has been organizing protests against companies dealing with the Zionist entity in the United Kingdom.

The statement from the Palestinian Action Group mentioned that the sale was due to increased expenses for security measures taken against pro-Palestinian protests, leading to a decrease in the company’s profits.

It also added that the purchasing company of the factory had contacted the Palestinian Action Group and confirmed in its email to the group that the new owners of the facility had withdrawn from all defense industry agreements made by the previous management.

Furthermore, the statement noted that the Palestinian Action Group first began action against the factory by splashing red paint on its walls in November 2020.

It highlighted that the production of parts for Israeli tanks continued at the factory until December 2023.

The statement further stated that Elbit Systems supplies the Israeli army with 85% of its drones and ground military equipment, in addition to a wide range of ammunition and weapons currently used against the inhabitants of Gaza.