Casualties reported due to armed clashes between mercenaries in Taiz


Fierce clashes erupted in the center of Taiz city between mercenaries loyal to Saudi-led aggression coalition, resulting in casualties, pro-aggression media outlets reported on Sunday.

According to local sources, the clashes began due to a dispute between the “Al-Naqib and Al-Zuqari” electricity companies, which escalated into when the owners of the two companies hired armed men to settle the dispute between them.

The sources confirmed that the mercenary leader, Hamam Marai, affiliated with the Islah Party, launched an attack on the Al-Naqib company.

After the attack, the company owner hired gunmen from the same factions, leading to violent confrontations between the hired elements. This spilled over into confrontations between the hired elements in residential neighborhoods in Tahrir al-Asafal and spread to the streets leading to Al-Dabua area.

According to the sources, the clashes resulted in the deaths of two people and several injuries, in addition to causing panic and fear among civilians.

Taiz has been experiencing an unprecedented state of chaos and security breakdown due to the proliferation of armed gangs and wanted individuals belonging to pro-aggression military brigades