Forces loyal to The UAE detaines fuel locomotives and Darkness threatens Aden


Darkness threatens the city of Aden, southern Yemen, after a force affiliated with the Transitional Council and another for the “Giants Brigades” loyal to the UAE detained fuel locomotives in Shabwa Governorate, southern Yemen.

Sources said that forces affiliated with the “Shabwa Defense Forces” and “Giants” detained locomotives loaded with crude oil belonging to the PetroMasila station in Aden.

They Added that the PetroMasila station is threatened with being out of service as a result of the fuel being nearly exhausted and tankers not being allowed to pass, which will increase the hours of power outages.

The increased hours of power outages in Aden, especially during the month of Ramadan, will exacerbate the living burdens borne by the citizen, in addition to his suffering resulting from the collapse of economic conditions and the rise in prices.