Iran’s Bagheri: ‘Israel’ to regret, Iran to define time & manner of response


The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri announced on Saturday that a revenge for the “Israeli” fatal strike on the country’s diplomatic mission in Damascus is inevitable.

Addressing the funeral of Major General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Commander, who was martyred in the “Israeli” airstrike on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1, Bagheri noted that Tehran will decide how and when to carry out the retaliatory operation.

Responding to calls for revenge, the top commander said, “The ‘Israeli’ attack won’t remain unanswered.”

The general noted that it is Iran that will decide when and how to carry out the retaliatory operation.

He further confirmed the operation in response to the “Israeli” terrorist act will be carried out accurately and will make the Zionist entity regret its action.

Describing the strike on Iran’s Damascus mission as “a suicide committed by ‘Israel’”, Bagheri said the martyrdom of the Iranian military advisers will expedite the destruction of “Israel”.

He also warned that the main responsibility for the Damascus attack lies with the US and Washington must be held accountable.

Source: Al-Ahed News