Iraqi Resistance launches attack on ‘vital’ Israeli target


The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has announced that they successfully attacked a vital Israeli target in the occupied Palestinian territories using appropriate weapons.

The attack, which occurred early Monday, is part of the group’s ongoing resistance against the Israeli occupation and in solidarity with the people of Gaza who have been victims of Israeli massacres.

The Iraqi Resistance released a statement reaffirming their commitment to striking the enemy’s strongholds and continuing their mission to resist the occupation. This latest attack comes after a series of intensified operations by the group against Israeli targets inside occupied territory.

Following the attack, Israeli media reported that a fire broke out in “Eilat” after sirens sounded, indicating a rocket, drone, or missile attack. Several locations in “Eilat” were damaged, with speculation that the operation originated from Iraq rather than Yemen.

The Resistance has announced a second phase of operations that includes a blockade on Israeli maritime navigation and putting Israeli ports out of service.