Sayyed Nasrallah: Iran retaliation inevitable, ‘Israel’ knows well what Lebanon war means


Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed on Friday that Iran’s retaliation for targeting its consulate in Syria earlier this week is inevitable.
In a masss ceremony marking International Al-Quds Day in Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahiyeh), Sayyed Nasrallah said that the Israeli folly committed in the Iranian consulate in Damascus will lead to victory and enable the Axis of Resistance of having the final word in the battle.

The Lebanese resistance leader dismissed Israeli threats of waging an inclusive war against Lebanon, saying: “They (Israelis) don’t know what to do in Gaza and want to attack Lebanon!”

His eminence, meanwhile, reiterated that Hezbollah is fully ready to confront any Israeli war on Lebanon, stressing that the resistance never fears the war.

Sayyed Nasrallah assured that after six months of the war on Gaza, the Israeli enemy faces failures and is neither capable of destroying Hamas nor capable of releasing captives captured by the Palestinian resistance during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

He stressed that Op. Al-Aqsa Flood is a critical juncture that has put the Israeli existence in danger.

Iranian Retaliation

Starting his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah offered condolences over martyrdom of top IRGC generals in the Israeli strike which targeted the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus last Monday.

He lauded top general Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who was martyred in the Israeli strike, as a commander who had favor upon Hezbollah and contributed to the development of the Lebanese resistance.

Sayyed Nasrallah announced that a ceremony will be held next Monday (April 8) in honor of the Iranian generals martyred in the Israeli strike on the Islamic Republic’s consulate in Damascus.

“The attack on the Iranian consulate is a pivotal moment in this battle.”

His eminence then elaborated on Iran’s support to Al-Quds and Palestine, saying that founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Sayyed Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini had a clear and firm stance towards the Palestinian cause.

He noted that the Islamic Republic’s unwavering support to Palestine is one of the prominent causes behind the wars waged against Iran.

“The Islamic Republic offered enormous sacrifices on economic, political and security levels because of this position.”

Sayyed Nasrallah then lashed out at those who claim that Iran is engaged in talks with the United States on several files regarding regional issues.

“The US has repeatedly voiced desire to hold talks with Iran but the Islamic Republic was reluctant. Iran has not compromised and will never do so on the regional issues.”

“Relation with Iran is a source of pride, those who must feel ashamed are those who seek to normalize ties with the Zionist entity,” Sayyed Nasrallah stressed.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed then that “Iran’s retaliation to the Israeli strike on Syria consulate is inevitable.”

“The folly committed by Netanyahu through targeting the Iranian consulate in Syria will hopefully lead to end this battle and emerge victorious.”

“The timing of the Iranian response is part of the battle, but the timing, place and size of the response are in the hands of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei and the Iranian leaders.

Israeli Failure in Gaza

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that “International Al-Quds Day is different this year as it comes six months after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” on October 7.

He described the heroic operation in which hundreds of Hamas resistance fighters invaded Gaza envelope settlements and captured more than 200 Israelis as a “a critical juncture that has put the Israeli existence in danger.”

The Hezbollah leader stressed that six months after the brutal Israeli war on Gaza, Zionist officials are not able to secure the goals they had set at the start of the aggression.

“Six months following the war, (Israeli PM Benjamin) Netanyahu, (DM Yoav) Gallant and other Israeli officials are still out of their minds.”

“Six months on the war, Netanyahu is neither capable of destroying Hamas nor capable of releasing the captives,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, stressing that the Israeli atrocities carried out in Gaza are out of failure and lack of options.

“The Israeli enemy has no idea about the post-war scenario in Gaza, Netanyahu has no political horizon. He can neither solve Israeli internal problems, nor deal with the political isolation the Zionist entity faces worldwide.”

“Netanyahu has no choice but to stop the war, and this is a mere defeat.”

Resistance Fully Ready

Sayyed Nasrallah, meanwhile, hit back at Israeli threats of an inclusive war against Lebanon. He dismissed such threats, wondering how the Israeli would attack Lebanon if they already don’t know what to do in Gaza and how to deal with failures there.

His eminence stressed that the Lebanese front “won’t be closed as it is highly linked to Gaza,” affirming that “this is a firm decision.”

He stressed that the Resistance in Lebanon is fully ready and its morale is in large sense.

“We haven’t used our major weapons yet. Our fighters are going on their home leave as usual.

“The Resistance in Lebanon doesn’t fear war, we are fully ready to engage in a war that the enemy will regret.”

“The enemy knows well what a war with Lebanon means, if they want war then hello and welcome!”

Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that the resistance in Lebanon we will proceed with this battle until victory, stating: “Great victory is awaiting the Axis of Resistance.”

Source: Al-Manar English Website