Five Palestinians killed during Zionist raid in Tulkarem


At least five Palestinians were killed during  Israeli occupation forces’ raid into Deir al-Ghusun town in Tulkarem, local sources said on Saturday.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified four of the martyrs as follows: Tamer Fuqaha, 32, Alaa Shreiteh, 45, Asal Badran, 42, Adnan Samara, 40.

The fifth martyr was not identified yet, as his decapitated body was taken to Thabet Thabet hospital waiting for his identification.

The occupation forces fired projectiles into a two-story house in the town of Deir al-Ghusun levelling it to the ground and killing all those inside after 15 hours of clashes and siege, claiming they were wanted resistance fighters.

They arrested the house owner, Salama Badran, who is a former prisoner in Israeli jails, after he survived the house destruction.

As soon as the occupation forces withdrew from the town, locals, ambulances, and civil defense teams rushed to the destroyed house. They began removing the rubble and searching for any injured or martyrs who might still be trapped beneath the debris.

A video footage circulating on social media showed Israeli occupation forces shooting at two young men while they were trying to get out from under the rubble of the demolished house, which led to their murder.

National and Islamic forces in Tulkarem mourned the death of the five Palestinian citizens and declared a day of mourning and general strike on Sunday.