Vigil in Canadian Vancouver city in solidarity with Rafah, Gaza, all of Palestine & Yemen


Mass crowds of Canadians, members of the Yemeni community, and various Arab and Islamic communities came out in the lively Robson Square in the heart of the Canadian city of Vancouver, in a stand in solidarity with Rafah, Gaza, and all of Palestine and Yemen, under the title: (firm solidarity and Vancouver’s call to end the genocide in Rafah).

The participants in this protest raised the Yemeni and Palestinian flags together, as the demonstration toured the city of Vancouver, Canada, and stopped at train stations to send strong messages to the Canadian government to change its position and stand with the oppressed Palestinians.

All participants expressed their thanks to the Yemenis for their honorable historical stance with Palestine, which is considered a shining light in history.

Chants and slogans rose during the protest with pride and gratitude to the Yemeni people. They called on the Yemeni people to continue their courageous stance in support of the Palestinian people. They also called on America and its allies to stop the aggression against Yemen.

At this stand, many Canadian activists spoke, calling on the Canadian government to stand with the Palestinian right against the unjust Zionist campaign, to stop the genocide and collective punishment of the Palestinians.

The protest aimed to raise the voices of organizers, activists, students, and workers, for justice, liberation, and lifting the injustice against Gaza.

The importance of this peaceful gathering lies in that it goes beyond the city limits of Vancouver and symbolizes the universality of the Palestinian issue, as activists from all over the world stand united and demand an end to the violence and oppression directed against the Palestinians.