Ansarallah condemns Israeli occupation massacre in Nuseirat camp in central Gaza


The Political Bureau of Ansarallah strongly condemned on Saturday the new massacre of the Zionist enemy in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, which left more than 150 martyrs and dozens wounded.

The Ansarallah Political Bureau indicated in a statement Saturday that “the Zionist massacre against civilians comes hours after the United Nations announced the inclusion of the Zionist enemy government in the list of shame for child killers.”

The statement said, “The Nuseirat massacre confirms that the Zionist entity is merely a rogue criminal gang that has no relation to human rights or international law.”

The horrific massacre coincides with the American disinformation initiative to give the enemy more time to commit crimes with clear American support, the statement added.

The statement stressed that continued killing and brutality cannot discourage the Palestinian resistance or push it to compromise and give up the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

The Ansarallah Political Bureau urged the free peoples to continue their support and solidarity with the Palestinian people until the aggression is stopped and the siege on Gaza and its people is lifted