Hamas: US complicit in Israel’s massacre in Nuseirat refugee camp


The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has condemned Washington’s complicity in Israel’s horrific massacre of innocent people at Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza on Wednesday.

In the town of Nuseirat in central Gaza, Israel killed at least 210 people and left hundreds of others injured, during which it retrieved four Israeli prisoners.

Immediately after the raid, the regime’s military issued a statement, describing the massacre as a “complex daytime operation,” without even mentioning the scores of Palestinians killed.

Citing a Joe Biden administration official, the US news website Axios reported that a team of American hostage recovery officials stationed in the occupied territories assisted the Israeli military.

In a statement on its official Telegram channel, Hamas said, “What the Nazi occupation army announced about rescuing a number of its captives in Gaza…will not change its strategic failure in the Gaza Strip.”

It said that “the resistance still holds the majority of captives and is capable of increasing its capture tally… civilian lives.”

The total number of Israeli captives still held by Hamas is now 116, of which at least 41 are dead.

Hamas said US media reports about Washington’s complicity in Tel Aviv’s massacre of the Palestinians in Nuseirat once again prove that the Biden administration is “involved in the war crimes being perpetrated” in the besieged populated strip.

According to the statement, those reports are “exposing the falsehood of its [US’s] declared positions on the humanitarian situation and its concern for

The resistant group reiterated its call to the international community and the United Nations “to take a genuine stance against these ongoing crimes, which disgrace humanity and occur with sound and image before the eyes of the entire world.”